More Fun Bird Ideas

July 18, 2012

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(Here is an article with some more fun bird ideas submitted by one of our readers)

While I was ‘surfing’ the net, I ran across this site, and was fascinated with the bird watching article for children. What a wonderful idea to get children interested in something besides television or screen games!

A good homemade bird feeder is an empty water jug, or you can use 2 Liter soda bottle. In the example to the left, they have cut small holes in the bottle, and then pushed wooden spoons thru the holes, providing both a perch and a seed cup. Paint your new feeder with flowers or birds – let your imagination run wild! You can also use stickers for decoration if you like.

After the paint is dry put feed in the container, then hang from a tree branch with wire or twine. You will have scores of birds coming for ‘dinner’!

TIP: From the beautiful pictures taken of the birds you saw, you seem to have a lot of the smaller variety of birds; sunflower seeds are too big for them to eat. Buy wild birdseed that is the size of parakeet or finch seed-then you will see a LOT of birds

Another way to help children learn the fascination of birds is to let them have a bird of their own. Mature children will do very well with a parakeet. Parakeets have beautiful plumage, the males talk non-stop, and they can be very loving little birds.

Since they are rather small birds, the bird cages required for them can be in the small to medium range. There is a huge selection of bird cages available, so you are sure to find one you like and will fit nicely in your home. Make sure he has plenty of toys in the cage, and food and water daily.

I think bird cages have a wonderful effect in the home; with the singing and bright colorful toys they seem to make the house more friendly and inviting.

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